Hey guys, I know most of us getting up in age have the achy back, hip and feet. Walking is a pain. Yep been there and hate it. I was offered the chance to give my opinion on these original comfy anti slip pillow slides shoes. I accepted because I wanted to see what walking on clouds felt like. 😉 Goodbye foot pain, hello all-day comfort!

These pillow slides are extremely comfortable. I love that I can wear them for a long time without pain in my feet, back, knee and hips. It is true, when you walk in them, you feel like you are walking on clouds. These are absolutely my new spring and summer favorite shoes. I highly recommend them as the best Pillow Slides for all day comfort.

What are Pillow Slides

Pillow Slides, is an incredible footwear brand that prides itself on being the most comfortable and versatile option on the market. The Best Pillow Slides are built with anti-chafe, anti-slip EVA compression material. They support your feet at all times. With a stylish unisex pillow slides design, a pair of original pillow slides is THE gift for people who want to walk through life more comfortably.

Comfy Anti-Slip Pillow Slides Shoes

Ergonomically Designed for Pain Relief

The toe-to-tail is 15° angled balancing the pressure from your feet through to your hips. You’ll notice instant relief for your sore feet, ankles, knees, and hips. I wear mine just about every day. When my daughter put mine on after she had been walking and her feet were killing her, she got a sigh of relief! She couldn’t believe how comfy they were.

These original Pillow Slides are thick and compress with every step. They give you comfort, security, everywhere you go. No matter if you are lounging, at work, traveling, or running errands you will never have to sacrifice your feet comfort again.

Why people love these Comfy Anti Slip Pillow Slides Shoes?

Anti Slip
Machine washable
Perfect in any condition
Water Proof
Relieves foot & joint pain
Helps with bunions & Plantar fasciitis

Over 150,000 customers are getting relief from foot, joint, back, and hip pain. Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and bunions say they never want to take their Pillow Slides off!

Comfy Anti Slip Pillow Slides Care Guide

The pillow slides are naturally hard when they first arrive. Try wearing them for a week to let the slides fully settle in and mold to the shape of your feet. To quicken the process, soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.

Nothing lasts forever!

To prolong the durability and comfort of your new slides, never leave them outside in heat for extended periods of time. If left outside, there is a possibility that your slides may shrink.

Pillow Slides has 4 colors and many sizes for women and men

These pain free walking shoes are available for Men and Women. Sizes are from 5 – 12 for Women and 6 – 11 for Men. Colors are Black, Pink, Oat Latte and Ocean Blue.

Comfy Anti-Slip Pillow Slides Shoes pain free walking shoes

Treat yourself to a pair of comfy anti-slip pillow slides this summer and enjoy pillow-like comfort with every step. 

Where to Buy Pillow Slides

Available to purchase on Amazon with free shipping and on the Pillow Slides website. As an Amazon affiliate I may earn commissions when you click on the link above.

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Comfy Anti-Slip Pillow Slides Shoes pain free walking shoes


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