I am so excited to finally have a NuWave Oven.  This is one of the ONLY ways to cook during Summer. No more HEAT in my kitchen from the gas oven. Of course I won’t mind the oven when it’s winter. One thing I truly loved about the NuWave oven, is how easy it was to cook steak from frozen. Take a look at my other cooking gadgets, kitchen tools and small appliances I use to beat the heat when cooking.

Easily cook steak from frozen

What is a Nuwave Oven?

NuWave is a counter top oven that cooks up to 50% faster than a regular oven (gas or electric). Plus, the NuWave will save 85% of the energy an electric oven uses! There is no reason to purchase new pans, because you can use your own!

Easily cook steak from frozen

The Controls are on the top of the oven. Very user friendly! You cook everything in minutes. For instance if you want to cook something for 20 minutes, you would push 20 that’s it! It’s that simple! If you want to check your item in the oven…push Pause…check it..then push Start again!

Did you forget to take dinner out the freezer?

No problem, you can easily cook frozen steak in the nuwave oven! All and all, this is a healthier and faster way to cook! When we first got the NuWave, my husband wanted to cook a Sirloin Steak. It was FROZEN! I didn’t get any pictures of it frozen, I wasn’t thinking to do that. But I have lots of other pics.

How to Cook Steak from Frozen

My husband used Magic Spikes Meat Tenderizer and Onion powder seasoning on the steaks. The flavor of the meat was awesome! Not salty like most tenderizers are. It also had the onion flavor which stood out among the flavors. Usually when we cook in the gas oven, the flavor gets lost!

Easily cook steak from frozen

After seasoning it, it was time to put it in the NuWave oven.  It was fun watching it cook!  Smelled so good!  The directions said to cook for 18 minutes per side. My husband never did follow directions much, so he pushed it for 20 minutes on each side….the book says that 2 minutes over the time can be too much, well it was! That extra 4 minutes, made the steak a little over done, but it was still good!

Easily cook steak from frozen

When you purchase your NuWave Oven you will receive 5 freebies:

  • Instructional DVD Cookbook, Cooking Guide, Recipe CardsStainless Steel Pizza FlipperStainless Steel Pizza ServerPizza LinerBamboo Cutting Board

And there you have it, an easily cooked frozen steak in 40 minutes, but should have been 36 minutes! LOL

Easily cook steak from frozen

Did I peak your interest in buying a Nuwave Oven? Find out why MOM will Love this new NuWave Oven. Check out the Steak we made in the NuWave in 14 minutes.  The Ham Steak we made in the NuWave in 14 minutes. I promise you will want to cook a Ham Steak soon. 😉

Do you have a NuWave Oven? What’s your favorite part of the Oven?

Disclaimer:I was provided the NuWave Oven mentioned above in exchange for this review.

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