A Product tester is someone who test products for a living. Most are moms who need to work at home due to child care. They are the best to recommend products for babies.

Other’s are older and can’t handle the day to day work environment. Then there are people like me, who have some kind of disability and can’t work outside our home. 😉 We are the best product reviewers to try all products and give our best recommendation for ANY company.

Do they know what they’re doing? Are they reliable? These questions will help you find the right product tester for your project.

You should ask potential product testers how much experience they have with product testing. If they haven’t done any product testing before, don’t hold that against them. Beginners are eager to learn and they want to please the companies that want to work with them.

What kind of testing do they specialize in?

You should also ask questions about how they plan to test your products. Will they do a video, reel or social media shares? Are they willing to work with you to develop an effective strategy?

What’s their availability?

If you’re looking for a product tester who has a lot of free time, you might not find them. However, if you need someone who can dedicate a few hours each day to do the review, then you’ll likely find more than one candidate.

Will Hiring a Product Tester cost me?

YES! Professional product testers do not work for just the free product to test. Receiving the product as payment was totally great a few years ago, now not so much. It’s the product to test and payment for the time it takes to do the work: Create the post, take the pictures if they do that, share on social media, promote the post.

Can I Trust them?

You should also ask yourself whether you’d be comfortable having this person test your products. It’s important to make sure that you feel confident that they won’t take advantage of you.

Be sure to read how to become a smart product reviewer.

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