SteadyStraps the first and only smartphone elastic strap phone holder with no adhesives.

It’s Summer time which means it’s also vacation time and we are all using our phones a lot for pictures. Most of us don’t use something to hold our phone, and that gives us achey hands. I have news for you, I found the best elastic strap phone holder around. SteadyStraps lets you hold your phone in any position with added security and an ache-free grip.

OWL Strap

Keep your boarding pass on your phone and keep your phone in your hands safely with SteadyStraps! Say goodbye to sticky and unreliable adhesives. Let’s face it, we keep our phones in our hands more times than we like, so don’t risk dropping it! SteadyStraps are non-adhesive and can be switched out quickly and easily any time you want.


Wireless Charging

The slim design allows you to charge wirelessly without any removal or hassle.

You will always have a comfortable & secure grip on your phone with this soft and flexible elastic. Easily adjustable with slim Velcro® Brand hook & loop fasteners.

About SteadyStraps

SteadyStraps® started as a burst of inspiration after dropping our phones way too many times. We thought: “There must be a better way to hold our phones!”

As it turns out, there was! We decided to go to the local fabric store, purchase some material, and cut it to fit our phones. It worked! We couldn’t believe how much easier it made both holding and using our phones. When using the strap, we haven’t dropped our phones since that day!

Our daughter, who was riding the subway in NYC everyday, found the strap enabled her to hold her phone more securely and comfortably. She encouraged us to pursue it as a business and SteadyStraps® was born!


These steadystraps make a great promotional product. Every customer can be your brand ambassador with our SteadyStraps® Brand phone straps!

Features of SteadyStraps

  • Comfortable, adjustable elastic grip
  • No adhesives
  • One-handed full screen thumb reach
  • Super thin (<1 mm) pocket-friendly
  • 100% Wireless charging ready without removal
  • Easy on / easy off installation
  • Secured by strong Velcro® Brand fasteners
  • Washable, long-lasting, non-allergenic material
  • Straps through case’s camera charging ports
  • Compatible with most smartphone cases
  • Sourced Made in USA

Why I LOVE SteadyStraps

I first used Steadystraps for my granddaughter’s festival at school. I knew I would be taking pictures and videos of her performing. She had 2, 1 with cheerleading and 1 with her class. I didn’t want to drop my phone, nor did I want to stand there holding my phone in the air on a HOT day. So I figured it was the perfect time to use my new mobile phone hand strap holder. I loved it!

I put the stap through my phone case and then put the strap over my hand, just the 4 fingers. It sat perfectly inside my hand. My had did not get cramped, it didn’t get tired, and I hand no pain. This is the way to go. My daughter uses those pop things, but my granddaughter likes my SteadyStraps phone holder better. 😉

Collections and Colors:

SteadyStraps are available in many different collections and colors and are impressively inexpensive. I received the “time for coffee” and the “owl” straps because I’m a coffee drinker and I loved the design of the owl. But there are so many different ones, including a few for Independance day. They have more than they had when I received mine 🙂

Where to buy SteadyStraps Mobile Strap Holder

You can purchase your favorite steadystrap on their website.

Connect with the company

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