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New Technology Touchpoint Wearable Stress Relief Device

This is the opportunity to give yourself the gift of less stress. It is a gift we could all use these days! Touchpoints Wearable a patented neuroscientific device for stress. Scientifically proven to reduce stress by an average of 74% in 30 seconds. The Touchpoints Wristbands are wearable, as well as other touchpoint wearables increases focus, improve sleep, and restore a sense of balance and calm, all without drugs or side effects.

Touchpoints Wristbands wearable

I can wear touchpoint Essentials in several ways, as long as you wear one on the right and one on the left side of your body. Their best-selling TouchPoints Wristbands (Stainless Steel) is a one-size-fits-all.

The wearable stress relief device is a patented wearable that uses gentle alternating vibrations to improve mental health by significantly reducing the negative affects of stress. Proven to reduce stress, increase focus, improve sleep, and enhance performance.

Included with Touchpoints Wristbands wearable

  • Set of TouchPoint wearable devices
  • TouchPoints wristbands
  • Dual-pronged charging cable
  • Linen carry bag
  • Free consultation

How to use Touchpoints Wristbands wearable and other wearables

When you experience stress, place TouchPoints on either side of your body – on straps, socks, wrists, or in pockets. TouchPoints gently vibrate to calm you down, increasing focus, helping with sleep, and improving performance.

Has a three-speed setting (slow, medium, fast). Adjust to match your comfort level. The vibrations produce a sound that is like that of a cell phone. If the noise is distracting, simply place the TouchPoints in pockets, socks, or use their zippered sweatbands.

Other stress release products are Wahl Deep Tissue MassagerSoothe Tired Eyes and relax

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Touchpoints Wristbands wearable

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